About the Register

About the Private Healthcare Facilities Register

The Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance (Cap. 633) (the Ordinance) mainly regulates premises where registered medical practitioners and registered dentists practise.
Under the Ordinance, four types of private healthcare facilities (PHFs) are subject to regulation, namely hospitals, day procedure centres, clinics and health services establishments. Operators of the above four types of PHFs are required to obtain licences or letters of exemption. Applications for licences for hospital or day procedure centre have commenced. Details on application for clinic licences and request for letters of exemption in terms of small practice clinics will be announced in due course.
The Private Healthcare Facilities Register (the Register) is established and maintained under the Ordinance. The Register lists out information of the PHFs with valid licence / letter of exemption for public inspection. Currently, the Register listed out information of the following types of PHFs:
Licensed PHFs
  • Hospitals
  • Day Procedure Centres
Exempted PHFs
  • Scheduled Nursing Homes
The Register is also available for public inspection at the Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities during office hours.